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Definition of epic

1 : a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary or historical hero

2 : a work of art that resembles or suggests an epic

3 : a series of events or body of legend or tradition thought to form the proper subject of an epic


We can do all that. You can help you find your epic here in North Pembrokeshire.

From adrenaline sports to journeys of spiritual discover to inspiration for your own art endeavours North Pembrokeshire can offer you a route into your own epic.

Our coast offers rich choices for those who thrive at the challenge of adventure activities and endurance sporting events.  The wide shelving beaches at Newgale and Whitesands offer excellent surfing throughout the year.  Our rugged cliffs and washing machine waves gave birth to the sport of Coasteering where participants are lead on a fun filled scramble just above the waterline.  The racing tides challenge kayakers and paddle boarders and wild swimmers are spoilt for choice with a multitude of sheltered coves and hidden beaches.

Age and ability should be no barrier to experiencing adventure!  Whilst some activities on offer require true grit and a spit in the eye attitude to fear there are plenty that just require a love of the outdoors.  Jet boat trips to the offshore islands and Ramsey Sound allow passengers an up close view not only of the wildlife but the power of our tidal surge and these trips are captained by highly experienced crews and are suitable for all ages. 

Now in its third year the Recreational Audit for Disabled Access (RADA) is working with activity providers across Pembrokeshire to allow those with disabilities to visit outdoor recreational sites and experiencr recreational activities including Coasteering.

For those who like to experience their excitement on solid ground then the sight of a porpoise fin cutting the swell off Strumble Head, or discovering the white innocence of a seal pup on a stony beach, can cause the soul to sing. 

North Pembrokeshire caters to all types of epic. For writers and artists the landscape is pure free inspiration. For those on a journey into themselves, following the old roads that cross our land, soaking in the ancient history, and in the quiet allowing them to hear the voice inside, this can be the start of a true epic experience.


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