Pembrokeshire in Spring

Pembrokeshire in Spring is like standing at the kissing gate of a country church celebrating an old fashioned wedding. The air is full of flying blossom like confetti and the shades of pink and white from the hawthorn, the cherry and the apple whirl joyously as if thrown by playful angels.

We should have a bumper blossom season this year; the winter was mild and wet, March came in like a freezing lion and April was blessed with quick showers and surprising sunshine and now, coming into May it has been  wind tossed and bright breezy and the blossom is breaking out all over.

In May and June, before high season kicks in, everyone can have a piece of North Pembrokeshire to themselves. You can get the wide beaches, bouncy grass headlands and secret coves between steep slices of cliff, all to yourselves, your own private playground.

Spring is the time to take picnics to the coast path and gaze out at the colour changing sea and the panorama of cloudscapes. Spring is the time to wander the woods where the bluebells are slowly fading and the ferns are unfurling. Spring is the time, after the winter storms, to scour the beaches and discover strange shells, twisted driftwood and jewel hued pebbles at the high tide mark. Spring is the time to take a boat trip out to the islands to welcome home the puffins and watch their wing whirring take off from the waves. 

Spring is the time to just unwind from the endurance of winter, to breathe in and out, feel the turning of the year, the green stuff growing, to get back in touch with the coast and bask in the though of the long summer days to come



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