Fishguard & Goodwick Chamber of Trade & Tourism

We speak for the business people of North Pembrokeshire.  Those who create work here, those who employ people and those who are carving out a livelihood with just their own two hands.

We can’t speak for you unless you talk to us and you won’t talk to us unless we tell you what we do.  So this is us explaining why and how and with passion we will promote the businesses of North Pembrokeshire, no matter what they do.

What the Chamber of Trade & Tourism does

We’re all in this together, this world of business and employment and trade, from niche tourism operations to those that provide what they believe are totally locally supported businesses.  We all impact on each other; we are interdependent of each other but independent in our small corner of Wales. We are unique but connected. We benefit from an organisation that speaks to us and for us. This is what the Chamber of Trade and Tourism does, it is your champion and it champions what you do.

As business owners we are passionate about what we do but we are also sometimes lonely, invariably time poor, frequently tired and wearing so many hats we could be our own parade at Ascot.  The Chamber offers us the opportunity to share, our worries and our wins, our good news and our stresses.  It is a teeming resource of information on marketing, networking, business day to day management and ideas.  Within its ranks will be someone who has the business information you need or the experience you can tap into.

In addition to working locally we are the voice of the business community to the wider world.  We talk to the Welsh Assembly, the grant organisations and business development groups about the particular needs of North Pembrokeshire.  We bring together initiatives and schemes, push joint working and we, with enthusiasm and energy, promote the rich and varied businesses of North Pembrokeshire wherever we go. 

Benefits of joining the Chamber of Trade & Tourism

Joining the chamber comes with no strings attached.  We aren’t trying to sell you anything, we are the original sharing economy, we are an organisation that just wants business in North Pembrokeshire to thrive and we’ll help you, highlight you and support you through thick and thin.  Sounds amazing doesn’t it!

Chamber membership allows you to tap into a well of experience and contacts, for start ups and expanding businesses this is invaluable.

We promote your stories and experiences through our website but more than that we talk to other people, all the time, because not everything spreads online.

We provide training seminars and organise talks by special interest groups or those with skills in marketing, social media, education and business management.  Most of these are free (with tea and sometimes cake!)

And finally Chamber membership gives you a voice to the wider world.  A voice that will share your ideas and concerns and advocate for every single business in North Pembrokeshire on everything from transport links to business rates. If it matters to you we will tell someone about it.

How to join the Chamber of Trade & Tourism

Joining the chamber is easy.  An annual subscription brings you on board.  Contact Chamber Secretary Jeremy Martineau on 01348 874 886 to discuss joining the chamber, subscription rates, and how we can help you.

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