North Pembrokeshire

Discover the dark skies

Our night skies are spectacular. Lie on your back on a headland on a clear night and you feel like you are falling upward to slide the arch of the Milky Way.  Orion strides across the sky; his belt drips fire. In the summer Sirius sparkles bright emerald green and every dawn Lucifer is the last to leave, burning bright into the sunrise. In Autumn the meteor showers come, dying sparks across the sky.  Then in winter, on the coldest, clearest nights, when the planet’s magnetic field does battle with the solar wind, the aurora creeps south and if we are…

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Festivals and Themed Events

It all looks peaceful and quiet on the surface, but you’d be surprised by how much is actually going on in North Pembrokeshire.  We’ll run you ragged, dance you into oblivion, soothe you with music and read you to sleep if you just give us a chance. Along our coast some of the most challenging sporting events find their natural home.  Only for the true endurance runner the Pembrokeshire Ultra Marathon leads the way as an example of exactly how far the human body can push itself.  Comprising of three ultra races along the stunning coast path, all ending in…

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Pembrokeshire in Spring

Pembrokeshire in Spring is like standing at the kissing gate of a country church celebrating an old fashioned wedding. The air is full of flying blossom like confetti and the shades of pink and white from the hawthorn, the cherry and the apple whirl joyously as if thrown by playful angels. We should have a bumper blossom season this year; the winter was mild and wet, March came in like a freezing lion and April was blessed with quick showers and surprising sunshine and now, coming into May it has been  wind tossed and bright breezy and the blossom is…

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